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*** SOLD ***

Squaw Creek Ranch
Graham County, Arizona

Bunk house & Storage

Cattle Grazing on irrigated
Dirt tank upper Long Hollow
Entrance to shipping corrals

Horse corrals
HQ entrance
Irrigated pastures

Main house
Overview State Lease long hollow
PM Bar Corral

Shop & Mobile
Steel Rim and solar upper Long Hollow
Tack room and barn

Typical State lease Long Hollow
Upper State Lease
Windmill on Triangle pasture


Location Map
Neighborhood Map
Subject Map

USGS Topography/Tenure map
Aerial map

The Squaw Creek Ranch is located southeast of Klondyke along the Aravaipa Creek and valley between the western slopes of the Santa Teresa Mountains and the eastern slopes of the Galuiro Mountains with the deeded land meandering along the Creek.  Klondyke is in Eastern Arizona in Graham County. The area is known for it rich history in ranching and mining and currently for all types of outdoor recreation including hunting, bird watching, star gazing, and hiking.

Klondyke is approximately forty two miles west of Safford the County Seat. Safford is approximately 164 miles southeast of Phoenix the State Capital.

The high desert elevation ranges from just under 3,500’ along the Aravaipa Creek to above 5,400’ along the north boundary at Bufford Hill.  This provides for a mild climate and a wide variety of vegetation.

The Squaw Creek Ranch is in the upper desert grassland and desert shrub forage type. Predominant grasses include Side Oats Gramma, Blue Gramma, Black Gramma, Tobosa, Curly Mesquite, Galleta and Bush Muhly. Annuals such as Indian Wheat and Alfilaria occur in years with adequate late winter and early spring precipitation. Browse includes Guajilla, Shrubby Buckwheat and Bursage.

This area has a mild year-round climate. Rainfall averages approximately twelve to fourteen inches annually. The average temperature from mid-June until early September is in the 80’s, varying from the middle 60’s at daybreak to the high 90’s in the afternoon. Temperatures do reach the low 100’s during some mid-summer days but typically cool down in the evenings. Winter temperatures range from the 20’s to 30’s at night to the low to mid 60’s in the afternoon.

Electricity and telephone are in the area and available at the Headquarters.  Electricity is provided by Graham County Electric Coop and Phone and DSL internet service are provided by Valley Telephone Coop.


The building improvements are very well maintained and are well suited for this operation. They include the following:

  • Owners Dwelling with approximately 2,064 sq. ft., including additions, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a wood burning stove and swamp cooler.  It is well maintained and is a very comfortable home.
  • Manager’s/caretaker’s residence is single wide mobile home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, propane heater and swamp cooler.
  • Bunk House is a one room bunk house with a air conditioning and a fireplace.
  • Large shop with covered work area.
  • A tack room with a shaded saddle area.
  • 3 hay barns and 2 storage sheds

The range and water improvements are also extensive for this size ranch. They include:

  • Full set of shipping pens
  • Horse corrals at headquarters
  • Working pens at PM Bar and on the State Lease
  • An irrigation well and system
  • Livestock wells, most with solar.
  • An extensive pipeline system with multiple drinkers and storage tanks
  • Several stock tanks and other surface water.

Overall this is a well improved and watered ranch laid out for ease of management and optimal range use.

The amount of deeded land, total size and carrying capacity makes this ranch appealing to a wide group of potential buyers. The Squaw Creek Ranch is big enough to provide income yet small enough to be able to handle on a part time basis.

Type Acres Animal Units Taxes/Fees
Deeded 1,318± 20.5¹ Head $410.58
AZ State (05-107147) 8,037.47± 139.6 Head $2.30/AUM
AZ State (05-47667) 6,905.84± 92.9 Head $2.30/AUM
¹Based on overall State rating

Carrying Capacity
The overall carrying capacity is estimated at 253 Animal Units yearlong based on the above ratings

The cattle are available under separate contract

Reduced to $1,775,000 cash or reasonable terms will be considered.

This is a well improved ranch that is ideal for an operator or absentee owner. It offers an excellent investment opportunity with a large tract of deeded land at the ideal size for ease of management while still offering an economic ranching unit allowing full enjoyment of the rural lifestyle within a 3 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.   

Steve Pendleton
Southwestern Agricultural Services
7254 E Southern Ave, #107
Mesa, AZ 85209
(480) 539-2671