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*** SOLD ***

Benson and Dragoon Area Property
Cochise County, Arizona

Description, Location & Access
Three parcels totaling 712 +- acres, located in Southeastern Arizona consisting of an 80 acre parcel near Benson and two larger parcels of 172 and 440 acres respectively, near Historic Dragoon, Arizona.

The properties are located Southeastern Arizona between Benson and Dragoon, Cochise County. Benson is the largest town near the property, with a population of about 5,100 located on the banks of the San Pedro River, with highway access via Interstate 10. Potential uses are rural homesites, or investment.

Regional Map
Neighborhood Map
Aerial Tract I
Aerial Tract II
Aerial Tract III

Parcel #1
Consists of 80 acres +- located east of Benson between I-10 and Pomerene. A relative flat parcel, that has two wells registered.
(Assessor Parcel Number 123-01-006D)

Parcel #2
Consists of about 172 acres and is located near scenic Texas Canyon, east of Benson and near Johnson Mine Road. Dragoon, with a small population, is a few miles south of the property. (Assessor Parcel Number 208-49-001A)

Parcel #3
Consists of 440 acres east of Parcel #2 and northeast of Dragoon.
(Assessor Parcel Number 208-71-009A & 012A)

All of the properties appear to have Cochise County RU-4 (4 acres per dwelling) Zoning.

$450,000 for all the parcels or available separately

Downloadable brochure
Please click here for a PDF brochure.

Mack McKeon
Southwestern Agricultural Services
7254 E Southern Ave, #107
Mesa, AZ 85209
(480) 539-2671